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This page has been created to provide information and current items of interest.  This has been done to provide our members with the most recent news occurring during the intervals between issuance of new Battalion Runner Newsletters.  Entries here will be listed by date, with the most recent items being listed first.  Older items will be removed upon issuance of the next Battalion Runner.  I hope this new page will serve to improve the service the Network provides to our members.  As always, anyone can email me at twoninencoic@aol.com with questions, concerns, information, etc. at any time.

Semper Fi

Danny Schuster - Network Administrator

Received the below email from William "Bill" Moberly's son Damon on 20 September 2023:

My father was a motor pool mechanic attached to 2nd Bt 9th Marines in 68-69. He told me a story once that for a period of time there were more casualties due to wild life than in combat. The peak of which was a tiger that picked an “FNG” out of his post on night watch by his helmet, then dragging him for quite a distance before it was finally and fatally shot. Then the animal was brought back and hung up on the entrance sign that said “2nd Battalion 9th Marines  Hell In A Helmet”. Now my father didn’t talk much about Vietnam and he was laughing when he told this on a camping trip with several friends and family members, so I didn’t know if its true or just him messing with us. If it is true did anyone maybe take a picture of the tiger.

Thank you

For your time and your service

Semper Fi

Damon Moberly (dmoberly@mgtds.com)