The previous, automated, Member Registration Page has been deleted.  I have been plagued by bogus requests for membership for months, with increasing numbers of submittals.  This new member registration page requires you to send me an email with required information for membership.  There is no charge for membership and anyone who was ever a member of 2/9, from any era, is encouraged to become a member.  Once processed your membership will include listing in the Company roster on the website, limited contact information for those trying to find fellow 2/9 members, and receipt of our electronic Battalion Runner Newsletter and other emails I send to the membership on occasion,  I need the following information to establish you in our databases:

Full Name


Company (Echo, Fox, Golf, Hotel, Weapons, or HQHS

Street Address



Zip Code

Email Address

Phone Number

Country (if outside the US)

Years Served with 2/9


Send the information to me in an email at  I will reply via email to your submitted email address once your membership is processed.

Semper Fi,