2nd Battalion - 9th Marines

1942 - 1945
Activated 1 April 1942 at Camp Elliott, San Diego, California, as the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines and assigned to the 2nd Marine Division

Reassigned during August 1942 to Amphibious Corps, Pacific Fleet

Relocated during September 1942 to Camp Pendleton, California, and reassigned to the Advanced Echelon, 3rd Marine Division

Reassigned during November 1942 to the 3rd Marine Division

Deployed during January-February 1943 to Auckland, New Zealand

Redeployed during June-July 1943 to Guadalcanal

Participated in the following World War II Campaigns:

Northern Solomons
Iwo Jima

Relocated during November-December to Camp Pendleton, California

Deactivated 31 December 1945

2nd Battalion - 9th Marines

1952 - 1965

Reactivated 9 April 1952 at Camp Pendleton, California, and assigned to the 3rd Marine Division

Deployed during August 1953 to Camp Gifu, Japan

Redeployed during June 1954 to Camp Sakai, Japan

Redeployed during July 1955 to Camp Kawasaki, Okinawa

Redeployed during September 1955 to Camp Napunja, Okinawa

Redeployed during January 1956 to Camp Sukiran, Okinawa

Redeployed during March-April 1957 to Camp Fuji, Japan

Redeployed during October 1957 to Camp Hauge, Okinawa

Redeployed during February 1958 to Camp Kinser, Okinawa

Participated in the Battalion Transplacement System between the 1st Marine Division and the 3rd Marine Division during June 1959 to December 1960

Deployed at various times between 1960-1965 as the Battalion Landing Team of the Seventh Fleet

2nd Battalion - 9th Marines

1965 -1990

Redeployed during July 1965 to Da Nang, Republic of Vietnam

Participated in the war in Vietnam, July 1965 - August 1969 , operating from:

Da Nang
Than Cam Son
Hue/Phu Bai
Ca Lu
Dong Ha
Quang Tri
Camp Carrol
Cua Viet
Cam Lo
Con Thien
Vandergift Combat Base

Redeployed during August 1969 to Camp Schwab, Okinawa, and assigned to the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade

Reassigned during November 1969 to the 3rd Marine Division

Deployed at various times between 1969 - 1971 as the Battalion Landing Team of the Seventh Fleet

Participated in the Typhoon Relief Operations in the Philippines during October 1970

Elements of the Battalion Participated in the Mayaguez Operation, May 1975

Relocated during October 1978 to Camp Hansen, Okinawa

2nd Battalion - 9th Marines

1991 - 2009

Participated in Operation Fiery Vigil, Philippines, June 1991

Participated in Operation Desert Storm, Persian Gulf, September 1991

Participated in Operation Restore Hope, Somalia, December 1992 - February 1993

Deactivated 9 September 1994

Reactivated 13 July 2007 at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and assigned to 6th Marines, 2nd Marine Division

Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, September 2008-April 2009

Participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, 2010-2013

Deactivated 01 April 2015.

2nd Battalion - 9th Marines