1.  There are quite a few Marines in our database with partial contact information.  In particular a large number of members have no email address.  Anyone wishing to add an email address or otherwise change the information reflected in the Member Listing should contact me via email and I will update your profile.

2.  If we lose a member they are moved from the active roster in our Member List to the "Last Patrol".  However, I cannot accomplish that if I do not know about someone's passing.  If you know someone who is one of our own and they have passed away please email me and let me know.  I will move them to the "Last Patrol" so they will not be forgotten.

3.  Battalion Runner Newsletters will now be archived on the Network.  To view the current Battalion Runner just click on the Battalion Runner button on the Homepage and than click on the current Battalion Runner.  If you want to see any previous Battalion Runners (beginning with Battalion Runner #14-1) click on the appropriate link below the current newsletter.

4.  If you change your email address please notify me ASAP.  I receive far too many rejected emails when I send Battalion Runner Newsletters out to check out each one individually.  If I get a reject I remove that email from the distribution listing.  With more than 1,200 email addresses it would take far too much time to attempt researching each of them individually.  Email me your new email address at