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This page has been created to provide information and current items of interest.  This has been done to provide our members with the most recent news occurring during the intervals between issuance of new Battalion Runner Newsletters.  Entries here will be listed by date, with the most recent items being listed first.  Older items will be removed upon issuance of the next Battalion Runner.  I hope this new page will serve to improve the service the Network provides to our members.  As always, anyone can email me at ditson35@verizon.net with questions, concerns, information, etc. at any time.

Semper Fi

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Previous updates are now posted in Battalion Runner 17-2, September 2017.  Future updates will be posted as I receive information.



Update 04 March:  Received the following from Bob Cowles, good friends of the sister of Thomas Joyce, who was KIA while with Golf Co., in October 1966.  Please read the following account of how personal effects were returned to his family.  It would be great if this could be followed to fruition!

Tom's personal effects were returned to his family in another Marine's seabag.  As you can see in the photo below someone went to great lengths to improve the appearance of that seabag.  Tom's sister was at her Mother's house and found the seabag.  She would like to see it returned to it's rightful owner, or his family, if possible.  The name on the seabag is LCPL H. James, and there is another photo below of some unit photos with Tom and H. James in the same middle row next to each other.  I have tried to contact the co-administrators of the 3/1 website but they have not responded.  I can find no record of an H. James in any of our 2/9 databases.  If there is anyone out there that can help solve this puzzle and get the seabag back to LCPL James or his family please contact me at ditson35@verizon.net or Bob Cowles at 217-652-7986 or email rkcowles@gmail.com.


Update 04 March:  I received the following from Kedric Busby, brother of Sam Busby, KIA on 2/27/69 (Golf Co.)

I am trying to contact anyone who knew my brother, Sam Busby.  He was KIA 2/27/69 in Vietnam.  I was less than a year old when he died.  Any information, memories, stories, etc., would be greatly appreciate.

Contact information is as follows:  Kedric Busby, phone 251-769-1734 or email buzzngin@yahoo.com  Kedric lives in Saint Stephens, Alabama.

Update 04 March:  Received lthe following "Tex" a 2/9 Vietnam Marine:

I was in 2/9 just as the name was changed from "Blood Bucket" to the more politically correct "Hell in a Helmet".  I recall having a wooden plaque for "Blood Bucket" (gawd knows what happened to it), and would like one.  Even a photo would do, so I could have one made.  

Tex can be contacted by phone at 304-483-3412 or email texwood1@yahoo.com, and lives in  Stuart, VA.

Update 22 January:  Con Thien, Operation Buffalo and painter Douglas Rosa in 1967

Retired Marine LtCol JD Murray is seeking information about a painter who was involved in Operation Buffalo in 1967.  Douglas Rosa was painting Marines in combat.  Please see the information below describing the action and the note from LtCol Murray and his contact information if you have knowledge of this individual. 

From our website history of the Battalion in Vietnam during 1967:  "In April, the regiment moved to Dong Ha, where elements of the regiment became involved in some of the bitterest fighting of the war, in areas near Khe Sanh, Gio Linh and Con Thien. In one such operation near Con Thien, 9th Marine Leathernecks killed 991 enemy soldiers during Operation Buffalo while being almost constantly bombarded by enemy artillery and rockets. Later in September of that year, the outpost at Con Thien near the DMZ came under one of the heaviest artillery poundings of the war, lasting for 12 straight days. Elements of the regiment who manned the outpost during the siege turned back several NVA assaults inflicting heavy casualties on the attackers. With the aid of air and artillery support the 9th Marines turned the enemy attack into an enemy disaster".

LtCol Murray's note:   I am a retired USMC LtCol who as an 03 and spent 19 months with M, 3/5, in Vietnam. I am trying to locate anyone who remembers an artist named Douglas Rosa painting Marines at Con Thien in 1967. I understand he was commissioned by the Marine Corps to do combat painting and he was at Con Thien in 1967. I also understand other Bns were there when their turn in-the-barrel arrived. Semper Fi JD 

LtCol Murray's contact information:  Phone:757-220-2114.  Email: rugman21@aol.com


Update 16 January 2018:  SSgt Eric G. Smith

Rich Smith is looking for contact with anyone who served with SSgt. Eric G. Smith in the Phillipines in 1990 and 1991 during the "longest deployment".  Rich can be contacted via email a jenlarmich1@yahoo.com.  

Update 28 December 2017:  New member seeking contact who those he served with in 1965:

New member Richard Troy Hamilton (Doc Hamilton), is seeking contact with those he served with in 1965.  Doc Hamilton was on Operation Harvest Moon and served with Echo in 1965-66.  Doc lives in Taylor, SC, and his contact information is hamiltonnathan@bellsouth.net.  


Update 28 December 2017:  25th Annual Reunion Photos

I received notes from some members that when using the link to the 2017 reunion photos in Battalion Runner 17-3 earlier this month that the Photobucket page was littered with spam and advertisements.  I took the liberty of upgrading my personal account with Photobucket to eliminate ads.  Please try this link if you are reading this and hopefully the photos will be much more easy to access and view.  I do not know if my personal upgrade will apply to others accessing my photo albums (there are years of 2/9 Reunion photo albums out there), but hope so.  Feedback from anyone using this link would be greatly appreciated.  https://smg.photobucket.com/user/fasst1/library/2-9%2025th%20Reunion%202017?sort=2&page=1


Update 28 December 2017:  Received the following remark from retired Colonel Ron Losee as a portion of the note he sent me after receiving this month's Battalion Runner #17-3:

"My two tours with 2/9 (60-61 and 67-68), were memorale and I consider theose battalions were the very best of the eight in which I served as an infantry officer during my career.  No doubt about it."  Ron Losee, Colonel, Retired, USMC.  A fine testament to the men of 2/9!



Update 25 October 2017:  I received the following notice and request from Tim Pilcher regarding his Dad.  Tim's contact information is below.

My Dad, Michael W. Pilcher, was a Ground Pounder in the 2/9 during Vietnam & I found your page while in pursuit of information related to his service there. My Dad passed a couple years ago and never really told me anything - not that I blamed him at all. I'm lucky enough to be in possession of all his letters home, as well as all of the reel to reel audio tape he sent my Mom and Grandparents. Is there anywhere I might be able to obtain more information about him and his time in country? Maybe someone associated to this site remembers him? Anything would mean the world to me.

Admin Note:  Michael served with HQHS Company in 1966-67.

PHONE: 626 437 6834