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This page has been created to provide information and current items of interest.  This has been done to provide our members with the most recent news occurring during the intervals between issuance of new Battalion Runner Newsletters.  Entries here will be listed by date, with the most recent items being listed first.  Older items will be removed upon issuance of the next Battalion Runner.  I hope this new page will serve to improve the service the Network provides to our members.  As always, anyone can email me at ditson35@verizon.net with questions, concerns, information, etc. at any time.

Semper Fi

Danny Schuster - Network Administrator

Previous updates are now posted in Battalion Runner 17-2, September 2017.  Future updates will be posted as I receive information.


Update 25 October 2017:  I received the following notice and request from Tim Pilcher regarding his Dad.  Tim's contact information is below.

My Dad, Michael W. Pilcher, was a Ground Pounder in the 2/9 during Vietnam & I found your page while in pursuit of information related to his service there. My Dad passed a couple years ago and never really told me anything - not that I blamed him at all. I'm lucky enough to be in possession of all his letters home, as well as all of the reel to reel audio tape he sent my Mom and Grandparents. Is there anywhere I might be able to obtain more information about him and his time in country? Maybe someone associated to this site remembers him? Anything would mean the world to me.

Admin Note:  Michael served with HQHS Company in 1966-67.

PHONE: 626 437 6834