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This page has been created to provide information and current items of interest.  This has been done to provide our members with the most recent news occurring during the intervals between issuance of new Battalion Runner Newsletters.  Entries here will be listed by date, with the most recent items being listed first.  Older items will be removed upon issuance of the next Battalion Runner.  I hope this new page will serve to improve the service the Network provides to our members.  As always, anyone can email me at ditson35@verizon.net with questions, concerns, information, etc. at any time.

Semper Fi

Danny Schuster - Network Administrator

Previous updates are now posted in Battalion Runner 17-1, April 2017.  Future updates will be posted as I receive information.


UPDATE 11 May 2017:  I received the following request from Mindy (Eddie) Gillespie concerning John McGuireMy dad John D. McGuire, was in Fox Company in 65-66.  He was injured in an ambush in May of 66 in route to support 1/9 for County FairDuring the ambush he would have normally been on point but for some reason the company commander wanted him with H company.  In total total 3 kia 8 wia.  My dad is looking for his friend Greg Tuckshier (not sure of the spelling on that last name).  Any info you have or direction you could point me in would be greatly valued.  Thanks very much.  m.e.gillespie@hotmail.com.

I have checked out our databases and cannot find a member with a name anywhere near Greg Tuckshier.  Hopefully someone who served with John will make contact at the above email address.  Danny