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This page has been created to provide information and current items of interest.  This has been done to provide our members with the most recent news occurring during the intervals between issuance of new Battalion Runner Newsletters.  Entries here will be listed by date, with the most recent items being listed first.  Older items will be removed upon issuance of the next Battalion Runner.  I hope this new page will serve to improve the service the Network provides to our members.  As always, anyone can email me at twoninencoic@aol.com with questions, concerns, information, etc. at any time.

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UPDATE  20 FEBRUARY 2022:  George Brandon, Echo, 1967

On 2/19/2022 7:31 PM, I received the following note from Clark Ridgaway on 18 February.  If anyone knew, or knows, George Brandon you can reach Clark at the email address below.

Clark Ridgaway <vol58fan@icloud.com>
My uncle, George David Brandon was in E Co. 2nd BN 9th Marines.  I believe in 67.  I was just looking for anyone who might have known him. If anyone remembers him I can be reached at this email. 


UPDATE 20 FEBRUARY 2022 Hotel Company Squad at Camp Carroll, 24 January 1968

On 05 January I received the note below from Del Candelaria.  The note speak for itself and Del's contact information is included below.

 I am a Vietnam Marine Veteran, a member of 3rd battalion, 4th Marines.  I am looking for information from Marines of Hotel 2/9 that were in a January 24, 1968 battle outside of Camp Carroll.  I am hoping that you can assist me. I took a gamble to see if you all had an association, and in fact, it appears you had a recent reunion in November 2021.  For the past 5 years, I have been trying to find Marines from Hotel 2/9.  On Jan 24, 1968, a convoy was ambushed as it neared Camp Carroll.  My company (Mike) was ordered to come to it's rescue, and we landed at Camp Carroll at 1745 hrs, and proceeded down the mountain, in the dark, attempting to reach the convoy. Most of us (we were 18-19 yrs old that never questioned and followed orders) had no idea that 3 heroic reinforcement units came to the rescue of of that convoy before we even set our boots at Camp Carroll.  Approx. 5 yrs ago, I found out that the first reinforcement unit were Army Dusters, two tanks (3rd Tank Bn) and "14 Marines from Hotel 2/9".  I know 3 Marines from Hotel 2/9 gave the ultimate sacrifice ( PFC Ayala, PFC Holland, and CPL Neal).  Unfortunately, our unit lost 23 Marines in the next 3 days.  I am attempting to turn a diary I kept in Vietnam into a book. I have spoken to a member of the Army Dusters and to a Silver Star recipient of the Tank unit and they both differ on where the 14 Hotel Marines were when they went down from Camp Carroll. One states all 14 Marines were on the lead tank, while the other states each tank had 2 Marines, and each Duster had 4 Marines.  I would greatly appreciate it if you can find one of the Hotel Marines that was there that day. Also, I am interested in what happened that day before our unit got there. 

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