Joe Mannino's video of his photos taken during his tour in Vietnam from December 1966-December 1967. Primarily Hotel Company activities during the time frame.

Donated by Randy Ware

Bill Murphy submitted these photos taken in the area of the Rockpile in December 68 or January 69.

Latest photo is from Bill Kent and he wonders if anyone can identify the wounded Marine, Corpsman or Marine in the background. From July 1967, Ben Hai/Con Thien ambush.


November 7th-12th, 2014

November 8-12, 2014 in Arlington, VA

November 8-12, 2012 at the Virginian Suites



Only 1995 is missing from this collection of Reunion photos submitted by Doc LoDolce. 1993-94-96-97-98 and 99 are all here. Thanks Doc!!!