2/9 and Red Hill Memorial Plaques:  This effort was undertaken by four members of the 2/9 Network nearly three years ago.  John Klemm, Jim Tiner, Keith Fay, and Dick Kinney are nearing fruition on their project.  The fund raising effort initiated last month has been a remarkable success.  John told me in a phone conversation a few days ago they are nearing $20,000 in donations!  They not only reached their goal of $10,000 but also now have enough funding to purchase the largest plaque allowed in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park on the grounds of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico.  2/9 will be well represented.  The plaque will represent the entire history of the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines.  Tentative plans have been made for a dedication ceremony at noon on 09 November 2018 in the park.  Plaque design is underway and, at a minimum, will include three 2/9 logos – the “official” USMC logo, the Vietnam era logo, and the post-Vietnam logo.  We at the 2/9 Network, although not officially involved in this project, are going to include the tentative dedication as part of our November reunion.  We expect to have transportation available but much depends on the interest expressed by reunion attendees and weather on that day.  More to come on that.  See the next paragraph for another surprise as a result of fundraising for this effort.

John informed me during our conversation that if they finish their campaign with enough money there is another section of the museum grounds where there are individual memorial plaques.  With the recent coincidental, unexpected and tragic loss of our founder and leader, Richard “Red” Hill, John suggested a memorial in his name at that site.  I could not agree more.  If you are reading this and have been considering a donation act now and send a check to John.  The faster we know if there is enough money to do this the better the chances of getting it done by our reunion in November.  These plaques take 3-4 months to be constructed, so time is short.  Make your check out to John Klemm and send the donation to John at the following address:

John Klemm

1633 E. 36th St.

Brooklyn NY 11234

I will keep our 2/9 Network membership up-to-date on all of this as the year moves along either via email, posting on the 2/9 Facebook pages, and/or on the 2/9 Network website.