08-12 NOVEMBER 2021





Reunion Agenda


Tuesday, 09 November


1400-1700 hours:  An afternoon delight!!!  The 2/9 Jam Session with the Gallatin Canyon Band.  To be held at the Le Meridien Hotel, 1121 19th Street North, Arlington, VA,.  As noted in our last Battalion Runner, Ben Hernandez is performing with, and the band will be performing at no charge, in honor of his Dad – Dan Hernandez – a 2/9 Vietnam Vet who is well known to many of us.  There will be light food (i.e. wings, etc.), provided and a cash bar.  There will be NO CHARGE for anything but the cash bar.  The 2/9 Network is paying for this.  Please see my note below following this complete agenda about attendance.






Wednesday, 10 November:


1000 hours:  U. S. Marine Corps Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial).  I have not received confirmation from HQMC but expect if the virus doesn’t interfere with plans, the traditional ceremony will be held.  This includes the President’s Own Marine Corps Band, the Commandant’s Own Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps, 8th & I passing in review, Commandant’s speech, guest speaker, and the Laying of the Wreath at the Iwo Jima Memorial.  The memorial is about a 10-15 walk from our reunion hotel.  This is an impressive event and remembers all those who have gone before us.


1800 hours:  Our 2/9 Network U.S. Marine Corps Birthday dinner will be held this year at the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel, 900 S. Orme Street, Arlington, VA.  There will be a cocktail hour with a cash bar, a full dinner (chicken), guest speaker(s), Marine Corps Birthday cake cutting ceremony with youngest and oldest Marines, reunion raffle and 50/50 results, and more.  Again, there will be NO CHARGE for anything except the cash bar.  The 2/9 Network is covering the dinner.  As with my note with the jam session, please see below following this complete agenda about attendance.


2300 hours (approximate):  After completion of our Birthday Dinner we all return to the Residence Inn before leaving for our annual visit to the Vietnam Wall to see our brothers.  We will be holding a special ceremony in honor of our lost brother, Keith Fay, during this trip.  Keith was one of our 2/9 Vietnam Vets who put together the effort to create the 2/9 Memorial Plaque currently on permanent display on the grounds of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, VA.  Note we will be returning to the Residence Inn after completion of our Birthday Dinner prior to leaving for The Wall.  We will meet and leave immediately after all are back at the Residence Inn. 


Transportation will be provided for all of the above.  As anyone who has rented a car or van since the virus hit knows, prices are sky high for rental vehicles.  Debbie Crist is checking this out and we’re hoping we can have our normal number of vans available for transportation.  One way or another we’ll get people to and from places they need to go on the official agenda.




This is critical!  We are paying for both these get-togethers but need to have at LEAST an educated guess how many will be attending so our hosts know how much food needs to be prepared.  If you are going to the reunion, or are a local D.C. area resident who wishes to attend one or both of these events, please email me at twoninencoic@aol.com and tell me how many people will be attending with you.  I want to stress that you do NOT have to be officially attending the entire reunion if you are local.  Come on out to one or both of them and let me know.  






  1. Our hospitality room will once again be on the first floor of the Residence Inn, with free snacks, soft drinks, water, and beer provided. 
  2. If anyone is willing to provide items for our 2/9 Reunion Raffle it would be greatly appreciated.  50/50 raffle tickets will also be available.  With the Network paying for everything this year the raffle and 50/50 raffle are two fund raisers we have to support reunion costs. Raffle and 50/50 tickets will be for sale in the hospitality room at the Residence Inn and at the entrance to our Birthday Dinner.  A cash donation jar will also be available in the hospitality room.
  3. Many of us knew and remember a great 2/9 Marine who passed away a few years ago.  Ray Nieto was a special person and attended all reunions.  He is interred in Arlington National Cemetery.   Ray’s wife and Debbie Crist’s mother, Mary, passed last year.  She will be interred with Ray in a ceremony at Arlington National on Monday, 08 November, at 1500 hours.  Details for anyone who may wish to attend will be provided at the reunion. 
  4. There is no official agenda item for Veteran’s Day on Thursday, 11 November.  There will be a Veteran’s Day Ceremony at The Wall as there is every year and folks may want to consider a trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, VA, on that day.  The 2/9 Memorial Plaque in Semper Fidelis Memorial Park on the grounds of the museum is an impressive remembrance of all lost brothers from 2/9, and Red Hill’s Memorial Plaque is also on the grounds next to the War Dog Memorial statue very near the chapel. 
  5. We will have 2/9 covers and shirts for sale at the reunion.  Exactly what is still undecided but my partner in crime for reunions, Henry Ostaszewski, is hard at work on this. 




Room rates at the Residence Inn this year are $135/night plus tax (around 13-14%).  Parking for those who drive is $11.00 per night.  Normal parking is $22 but we have a half priced deal in our contract with the hotel.  The hotel has constructed a special web page for us to book your room.  The link is provided below.  You can also call to make your reservation (Dial 1-800-331-3131), or copy and paste the link below into your browser.  Tell them you are booking a room under the “2/9 Reunion Room Block”.  You must reserve your room no later than end of the day 08 October 2021.  After that date rooms revert back to the hotel and are only available on a space available basis and you may have to pay the “going rate”, around $250/night.  At the moment we have 50 rooms set aside for us.  If you call and rooms are NOT available under our group rate please notify me ASAP so I can contact them to expand the number of rooms.  Officially the reunion runs from 08-12 November but our special rate is available from 07-13 November if you wish to come early and/or leave late.  You can cancel your reservation at no charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival and also must guarantee your reservation with a credit card.  MAKE SURE YOU GET A CONFIRMATION NUMBER!


One last reunion note.  This reunion is for everyone.  We don’t care if you are a WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan veteran or a peacetime member.  We are all 2/9, and that’s all that matters.  If you are one of those Vietnam Veterans who has always said I’d really like to go to a reunion but end up putting it off until “next year” I’d ask that you consider something.  I’m really getting tired and saddened of hearing from family members that John, Harry, Pete, or Ed “always wanted to go to a reunion but kept putting it off.  He passed away last year.”  If you can do it please consider our reunion.  We want this to be the biggest and best ever!  I don’t think you’d regret attending.   As was the case last year there is always the possibility of the virus affecting our reunion.  With this new variant who knows what is going to happen by November.  Please keep your eye out for any notification I may need to send if we are adversely impacted.   


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